Baby Steps

Pumped having a starter that works consistently and 3 seconds of run time with some carb spray I moved on to the next step, fuel.

And the pump failed right away with just a ‘click click click’ yet no fuel.


Trying to find an exact replacement for an inline fuel pump isn’t easy, seeing that this one is from the late 80’s. With new model replacements in the $150 range I opted for an hard to find $8 rebuild kit.


Upon tear down I found that the old bellow had completely turned into a melted tar goo substance that was on everything. A pain to clean off but hopeful with the new bellow replacement all will be good.


I learned during the process that the pump was a Walbro part # 12V2401 that have specs of 4-6psi @ 20+ GPH and if I was looking for a replacement it would be based on the Carb -p Edelbrock 1404 500 CFM


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