If You Want It Done Right DIY

After months of troubleshooting why the truck mysteriously stopped starting I have finally got it running again!  To be honest it was only months because I was to lazy to focus, in actual time it was probably 4-5 hours.

The symptom was after that last successful YouTube video post below the starter would just click.  Here is everything I tried and what eventually worked:

– Old bad battery wouldn’t take charge
– Cleaned terminals and mounting points
– New Battery
– Measured voltage at the starter and was getting 12.4 volts but was hard to find a ground
– Bench tested starter at auto parts and one solenoid remote post didn’t work the other post spun the starter VERY fast rpm’s
– New Starter mounted, still just clicks
– Measured voltage
– Ran secondary small wire from negative ground to starter mount, got the 12.4 volts easier measured
– Still just clicks when attempting to turn over
– Made sure (again) engine turns at the crank
– Replaced negative ground cable
– Still clicked
– Ripped out the positive cable and found what was pictured below

At some point in the trucks life someone decided it needed a longer positive cable and added a poorly made extension that was buried and hidden in the truck.  After removing the corroded extension and cleaning up the good adequately link cable: BOOM the truck fires every time!

Bad Cable

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