Pedal to the Pines & Thru

This last weekend was the 2010 Pedal thru the Pines


Pete and I met up at Alvin’s at 5:50am Saturday morning to start our ride from Hyde Park to the starting line in Bastrop. More amazing than the meet up time was Alvin was bright eyed and bushy tailed seeing us off.  I got to learn a lot about Pete that morning, political view points and education, Washington to Missouri bicycle ride, Houston to Austin 3day tour with Glen, etc.. etc..; most importantly how he is vowing that all weekend rides going forward shall start at 6am.

We covered the 36 miles in just over 2 hours of riding time and with plenty of time for the 9am ride start.  I gave Keith a call to see how he and Dan were doing and he coincidentally answered just as he rode up in front of us.  After a brief catch-up and making fun of his absent so called injured little brother we told them we would catch up with them once they returned from their 65 mile ride and us from our 27 miler.  Alvin made it there about 10 minutes before the start and we were able to ditch our warm riding clothing in his car. He also still had enough time to find a shady spot in the woods to make his peace with nature.

We rode up to the starting area in time to catch the national anthem and to find the normal horse shoe filled start with the typical lycra crowds.  They began the wave starts letting out about 100 riders at a time and a ride marshal made a futile effort to stop the cheaters from sneaking out the side, but we made it past him by doubling back.  Before the start I thought about asking the guys if they would be interested in doing the 16 mile ride since Pete kind of burned up my legs from the 36 mile ride in, but I didn’t want to be shamed into paying $2.50 per mile ride ($1.48 sounds so much better).

We got out to a nice start in the park and despite it being a little chilly it quickly warmed up.  The park was pretty uneventful with just a couple of run-ins; one with a fixie who was whooping our butt up the hills and the other with a raging crazy lady who insisted I should have called “on your left”.  I still claim she wobbled left after being unable to hold her line at a 3mph uphill. Luckily, I was with Pete and he had my back.  After he presented his business card and reminded her of her Miranda rights she let me go on my way only to later go flying by Pete on his left without calling out.

Before we knew it we made it to the first and pretty much only rest stop you need on a 27 mile ride.  After observing the natural wildlife and making the obligatory comments for what was probably a longer amount time than the actual ride time we had covered so far we headed out of the park. Next was a 10 mile jaunt downhill on Hwy 71 with a tailwind at our backs.  I think the first 36 miles had to go to Pete for pulling me to the start and these last 10 miles went to Alvin after sandbagging it in the park only to leave us on the uphill pushes.

After packing up and leaving the parking area we made our way through the traffic jam in old town Bastrop and found a nice spot on Main St. to eat.  Marveling in how much the town of Bastrop is changing we made our way back to Austin cutting through Airport Blvd.  Much to our surprise we were serenaded by a fellow driver… only in Austin.


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